What does REACT do?

REACT is currently taking its first tentative steps in Magburaka through its activities with the Magburaka Education & Computer Centre (MECC), and these activities are therefore being continuously improved and developed.

The idea behind the new center is to create a socio-economic project where business and humanitarian work is combined with the vision of making the project economically independent of Denmark.

On our Vimeo profile, you can see videos of our work in Sierra Leone.

REACT's activities can be divided into two categories: activities that generate income and humanitarian activities. An essential element in the pilot project that led to the establishment of the MECC was to investigate the level of interest in IT in Magburaka and how it would be possible to earn a profit while offering IT-courses and internet access. Therefore, the center has initially had a major focus on firmly establishing income-generating activities since these will form the foundation of the humanitarian work.

Activities at Magburaka Education and Computer Centre

  • IT courses for experienced users
  • IT courses for beginners

Magburaka Education and Computer Centre (MECC) has now had the first 60 students complete IT courses. In these courses students learn to use the mouse and keyboard as well as writing programs and spreadsheets. For most of the students, this is the first time they have ever used a computer.

  •   Internet café

In the MECC's Internet café, guests have the opportunity to use the Internet, print, copy, etc. To present Magburaka's residents to the digital world, the center hosted introductory days with free Internet, where guests could, among other things, get help with creating an email account.

  • Education of school classes

In cooperation with the city's secondary schools, REACT has started educational courses for classes from Magburaka's Junior Secondary Schools. In these courses students learn basic computer skills. They learn to search for information, consider sources critically and to express themselves constructively about their society. In addition, the courses use computers as a tool to enhance students? reading and writing skills.

  •  Evening lectures regarding the internet

To give the typical Magburaka resident insight into the digital world's possibilities, evening lectures on the Internet's opportunities and the importance of looking critically at Internet sources have been offered.

REACT's humanitarian programs in Magburaka are continually being further developed. Local anchoring is essential and we base our work on what is in demand in the area. Therefore, thorough pre-project preparation is undertaken before new humanitarian projects are begun.

Are you REACT's next intern?

Do you want to participate in developing and managing REACT's Computer and Education Centre in Magburaka, Sierra Leone?

This fall REACT will send two interns to Sierra Leone, read more:



REACT's mission

REACT works to inspire, educate, and enhance access to knowledge in order to broaden the scope of real life opportunities and provide concrete competences for locals through collaboration with and support of local forces in Sierra Leone.